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“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey 

We are Here to Help! 

Brittany P. Racing LLC is here to help you achieve your goals both in Drag Racing and in life. Whether you are struggling with getting your Racing Career off the ground, looking for assistance with logo, branding, and advertisement, or just need someone to talk to regarding future goals and aspirations; Brittany P. Racing LLC is here for you. 

Mentorship is a tool that we all need every now and then. Brittany Poitier is a Mentee of two-time World champion Race Car Driver Frank Hawley, and a life long Mentee of her father 50 year Drag Racing Veteran Hollywood-Florida Drag Racing Hall of Famer Dan E. Poitier, and many more. She uses all the knowledge she has accumulated over the years from some of the greatest drivers and leaders of all time, to assist others in their journey through career changes, career goals, education, and life. 

"Life does not always turn out the way we hoped, however with support, guidance, encouragement, a little bit of a push (sometimes kick), and perseverance...We will reach our goals."

-Ms. Brittany Poitier, Race Car Driver of Brittany P. Racing LLC


Mentorship Service Fees Vary. 

We do our best to accommodate all budgets, needs, and circumstances!

We want to see you WIN in both Drag Racing and in LIFE!

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